I am the creator of the WonderTreeCompany and now are looking for Investors.

After reading my introduction, if you are interested in Investing, Illustrating, or Publishing any work or the company, please call us:

(941) 894-5363 or click this email link.

I am the creator and currently Unpublished children's author of Herb Diggens and his growing line of manuscripts.

TheWonderTreeCompanies sole intention is to educate children through a legacy of stories, many of which can be found at www.HerbDiggens.com

My motive and passion behind each book is to educate while entertain. The gentle little green caterpillar, we call Herb Diggens is a character every I anticipate every child will respect and admire.

To further extend the essence of Herbs wishes to educate I created www.ThePurpleNook.com, in 2011, an online publication articulating the many spectrum's of Education coinciding with Book Reviews, Kid Zone, Round Table and in addition, pages that will feature all of the characters from Herb Diggens Website. Each will have their own page of lessons directed at teaching children about: Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Minor English and Mathematics along with being a responsible young adult.​
It is my sincerest hope and dream that each potential client (agent, publisher or investor) whom views Herb Diggens, ThePurplenook or Jim Infinity will see a future and potential of a brand of books and music on Herb Diggens and his friends.

I am strongly devoted to my work, despite the funds to illustrate the growing brand. Those close to me know that I mirror any outside commitment to my work by reciprocating back double.

Thanks for dropping by,

James A. McDonnell